She said

Am un crush pentru piesa asta,iar asta e ceva,pentru că de obicei nu mă prea omor după remix-uri:

Dar şi piesa originală îmi place la fel de mult:

Voi pe care o preferaţi?

Grab a drink dancin’ under flashin’ lights
She’s a queen but she won’t put up a fight
Everybody knows that she’s a looker but she ain’t quite right
So I lie through my teeth againBeen around see I think I know the type
Honesty is not the policy she likes
Choice words spoken to her in the heat of night
So I lie through my teeth againOo boy would you mind if I got closer
Oo boy I can tell you want me don’t ya
And I say why do you think that a wink can get you anything you ask for out on the dance floor

She said
Oo do you love me
I wonder why she talks like that
Tell me something
Tell me how’d you get to be so bad
Hey I know something you don’t
Let’s go
We can go wherever you want to go
How would you feel if I told ya

You ain’t worth the trouble

It’s hard to think dancin’ under flashin’ lights
Touchin’ me tellin’ me I’m just her type
And everyones tellin’ me that she’s the hollywood hype so tonight I’m gonna lie through my teeth again.

She’s lookin’ at me and I know that she don’t see
I couldn’t live her when there so many others
Blowin’ kisses at me but she aims too high
How could I love her when there’s so many others


4 responses to “She said

  1. se intampla ceva ciudat… si mie imi place mai mult remixu…si nici eu nu sunt tocmai pro remix de obicei

  2. Deci chiar ca e ciudat:)) Mie de obicei imi plac mai mult remix’urile, dar la melodia asta imi place mai mult originalul:)).

  3. e un remix dubstep b-). ăla merge fix la inimă 😀 :> ca toate celelalte, de altfel :))

  4. in mod inexplicabil,si mie imi place mai mult remixul.oricum misto melodia,nu o stiam :X

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